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All you need to know about IIM Lucknow: Strengths, Interview process, Batch profile, Alumni Details

IIM Lucknow: Strengths, Interview process, Batch profile, Alumni Details


Indian Institute of Management Lucknow, or IIM Lucknow, is a prestigious institution known for its excellence in management education. It has a lot to offer in terms of strengths, an exceptional interview process, a diverse batch profile, remarkable placement records, and a list of accomplished alumni. Here's a comprehensive overview of IIM Lucknow:

Strengths of IIM Lucknow

  • Strong Faculty: Known for its robust faculty with expertise in various areas of management.

  • Diverse Student Body: Comprises a diverse student body, creating a rich learning environment.

  • Academic Activities: Engages in a wide range of academic activities focused on the creation, dissemination, and application of management knowledge and practice.

  • Executive Education: First IIM to establish a satellite campus exclusively for Executive Education in NOIDA, Delhi NCR region.

  • Beautiful Campus: Recognized for its cultural heritage and a sprawling, beautifully landscaped campus spanning over 190 acres.

Weaknesses of IIM Lucknow

  • Virtual Placements: Faced challenges in conducting final placement processes virtually due to COVID-19 limitations.

  • It's essential to note that these challenges are not unique to IIM Lucknow but are common in educational institutions worldwide.

Interview Process at IIM Lucknow

The interview process at IIM Lucknow is a multi-stage process. Here’s a brief overview:

  • Shortlisting: Candidates are shortlisted for the personal interview based on their performance in the CAT/GMAT, scholastic achievement, gender, and relevant work experience.

  • Business Plan Presentation: Shortlisted candidates are required to present a business plan as part of the interview process.

  • Personal Interview: The personal interviews are conducted in Bengaluru, Mumbai, Noida, and Lucknow.

The interview process is designed to assess the candidate’s suitability for the program and their potential to contribute to the learning experience at IIM Lucknow.

Batch Profile at IIM Lucknow

The batch profile at IIM Lucknow is quite diverse, which enriches the learning experience at the institute. Here are some details:

  • PGP Batch 2020-22: The batch size was approximately 491 students. The gender ratio was 64.90% male and 35.10% female.

  • PGP and PGP-ABM Batch 2021-23: The batch size was 571 students. The gender ratio was 71.3% male and 28.7% female.

This diversity in the student body ensures a rich mix of perspectives and experiences, contributing to a holistic learning environment.

Placement Records at IIM Lucknow

IIM Lucknow, in the year 2023, demonstrated an exceptional placement record, solidifying its status as one of India's leading business schools. Here are the key highlights of its outstanding placement performance:

  • 100% Placement Rate: In 2023, IIM Lucknow achieved a remarkable 100% placement rate, assuring every graduate of a bright career path.

  • Abundance of Job Offers: The institute garnered substantial recognition with a total of 576 placement offers, reflecting its desirability among recruiters.

  • Diverse Placement Opportunities: IIM Lucknow showcased its versatility by placing students in a wide array of roles, encompassing consulting, finance, general management, product management, sales and marketing, operations and retail, and e-commerce.

  • Impressive Salary Packages: The pinnacle of the placements was the highest salary, which reached an impressive 4 lakhs per month. The average stipends for the top 10%, top 25%, and top 50% of students were commendable, at Rs. 2.08 lakh per month, Rs. 2.25 lakh per month, and Rs 1.77 lakh per month, respectively.

These statistics reflect the exceptional quality of education and training provided by IIM Lucknow, reinforcing its position as one of India's premier business schools. The institute's continued success in placements highlights its commitment to preparing students for prosperous careers in the corporate world.

Alumni of IIM Lucknow

The Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Lucknow boasts a remarkable list of alumni who have achieved significant success in various domains. Here are some notable alumni and their contributions:

  • Rajdeep Grewal: Rajdeep Grewal is an award-winning researcher and holds the prestigious position of Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Marketing Research. His work in the field of marketing research has garnered widespread recognition.

  • Taniya Biswas: Taniya Biswas is known for her role as the co-founder of Suta, a sustainable clothing brand that specializes in sarees, blouses, and lehengas. Her entrepreneurial journey has contributed to sustainable fashion practices.

  • Roopa Satish: Roopa Satish serves as the Country Head for Institutions and Investment Banking at IndusInd Bank Ltd. Her leadership in the banking and financial sector showcases her achievements.

  • Shreya Sachdev: Shreya Sachdev has risen to the position of Head of Marketing and Strategy at Puma, a prominent sports and lifestyle brand. Her role in shaping marketing strategies for the brand demonstrates her expertise.

  • Other Distinguished Alumni: Additionally, IIM Lucknow has produced several other distinguished alumni, including Gayatri Iyer, B. B. Bhattacharya, Amitabh Thakur, Varad Laghate, and Shanmugam Manjunath. These individuals have made significant contributions in their respective fields, further enhancing the reputation of IIM Lucknow.

Professors at IIM Lucknow

IIM Lucknow boasts a diverse and experienced faculty. Here are some of the esteemed professors at the institute:

  • Prof. Archana Shukla

  • Prof. Arvind Shroff

  • Prof. A.K. Mishra

  • Prof. Ajay Kumar Garg

  • Prof. Alok Dixit

  • Prof. Amit Agrahari

  • Prof. Anirban Chakraborty

  • Prof. Anjali Bansal

  • Prof. Arunabha Mukhopadhyay

These professors contribute significantly to the academic excellence and learning experience at IIM Lucknow. Their expertise and dedication play a pivotal role in shaping future business leaders and professionals.


In conclusion, IIM Lucknow stands as a beacon of excellence in the world of management education, offering a wealth of strengths, remarkable placement records, a diverse batch profile, a strong faculty, and an impressive list of accomplished alumni. The institute's beautiful campus and its commitment to academic excellence make it a top choice for management aspirants.

From 100% placement rates to abundant job offers, IIM Lucknow has consistently proven its ability to prepare students for prosperous careers in the corporate world. The diversity in the batch profile ensures a holistic learning environment, enriched by a mix of perspectives and experiences. The accomplished alumni network reflects the institution's dedication to producing successful business leaders and professionals. The esteemed faculty members play a pivotal role in shaping the future of business.

For anyone looking to pursue management education, IIM Lucknow is undoubtedly a compelling choice, with its unique blend of strengths, opportunities, and a legacy of excellence.

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